Affordable Home Designs For First Home Buyers In Perth, WA

When most people buy their first home, it’s a significant point in their lives. Not only are they excited, they are nervous about the process of buying their first house. Generally, there are two broad categories of first home buyers. One is the people who buy a pre-constructed house. The second category consists of people who build their own house on a piece of land. While there are several benefits of building your house, it involves a lot more work than the first category. One of the major decisions for building a house is choosing the design of your future home. In this article, we will discuss affordable home designs for first home buyers in Perth, WA.

affordable home designs for first home buyers

affordable home designs for first home buyers

What is home design?

Let us begin with the basics. A home design combines the elements of architectural design and interior design. Home design provides a complete picture of how a house is going to look on completion. It includes floor plans, interior inclusions, pictures and everything that you need to know about your future house.

How do you choose a home design?

First time home buyers usually don’t have the technical knowhow that goes into building a house. But choosing the right home design is extremely important. Thus, they need proper guidance from someone who has the expertise in the field. This is why it’s advisable for first-time home buyers to avail the services of a real estate company that provides home design services.

We, at Escape The Rent, are passionate about finding our clients the right home - the home of their dreams. Among other services, we specialize in providing home designs for people with different requirements. For most first-time home buyers, affordability is a very important factor. That is why we assure cost-effective home design solutions for houses of all sizes.

When you work with Escape The Rent, you’ll have a variety of floorplans to choose from, for various family sizes and block sizes. Whether you want to build on a compact 8m wide cottage lot, or a big family house on a large block, your home will be up to the highest standards of building.

While a number of first-time home buyers prefer a low maintenance home on a small block, others like a lavish home on a sprawling lot. We offer home designs for everyone, including singles, couples, growing families, large families and everyone in between.

We also work in collaboration with the client for getting them the house they want. We talk to you, understand your needs and work accordingly to customize a home design just for you. For instance, if you want additional space for a wood workshop, we will incorporate that in an appropriate home design for you. If you’re planning to buy your first home in Perth, we give you complete freedom to choose a new home design that would perfectly fit your requirements, style, budget, preferences and choices.

In conclusion, if you want affordable home designs for first home buyers in Perth, WA, look no further. Contact us here and our home experts will be happy to help you.


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