Affordable Land Packages in Perth WA

House and land packages are a very popular choice in Perth when it comes to buying a house. Due to their affordability, flexibility and other benefits, a large number of people prefer getting land packages in the city. In this article, we will discuss the key factors that one needs to consider in order to choose the right land package in Perth.

Land packages

Cost Consideration

Firstly, you should know your budget before you start looking for house and land packages. This helps you save time as you only look for homes that suit your budget. Secondly, make sure that the cost of your land package is transparent. Find out whether you’re getting an all-inclusive quote for the house and land package or you’re falling for bait advertising. You will often see builders advertising house and land packages for an attractive price tag, but later reveal extra hidden costs like stamp duty, fixtures, fencing, connections, flooring etc. which shoot up the price of the house.

Thus, choosing a fixed price of the package is advisable. You could also go for a turn-key package, which is complete with furniture, appliances and everything else needed to move in the house. Additionally, make sure that you get a detailed breakdown of the cost along with additional costs and customisations.

Time Taken For Construction

An important factor for choosing a house and package is the time your builder takes to construct your house. You should go with an experienced and trusted company to ensure that your home construction doesn't get delayed. Researching about reliable builders in Perth can help you find one who delivers on your expectations.

Thus, you should get a proper timeline of the construction process and ensure that the builder sticks to it. Moreover, anticipate the delays in construction such as obtaining permits so you can account for those. Lastly, getting a construction timeline in writing from the builder can help you avoid disputes in the future.

Designs and Customisations

Most builders will provide you a catalogue consisting of various house and land packages with a number of designs and configurations that you can choose. It’s important to discuss with the builder about the design that you want and the scope of customisation available beforehand. This is important in order to get the perfect house for your family.

Consider the things you need such as an extra space for an office or a gym. Make sure that your designs are flexible enough to accommodate any changes that you might want in the future. It’s a good idea to visit the display homes of builders so you can get a good idea of what you want in the home design and how it can be translated to reality.


The last factor to consider while buying a house and land package is quality control. Before choosing a builder you want to work with, look for ones with quality construction and good projects. Choose a reputed builder with a good amount of experience and testimonials of clients. Additionally, make frequent supervision trips to the construction site to ensure that high quality standards are being adhered to.

We, at Escape The Rent, provide affordable house and land packages in Perth WA in many locations. To know more, contact us here.


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