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Escape The Rent and our in-house finance team are committed to providing you with expert knowledge and advice to help you purchase your First Home, this is all part of 3 step process!

Our Finance team are on hand to answer all of your questions regarding your loan application and deposit. We’ll guide you through the loan application process and assist you with accessing all of the government grants and subsidies to which you may be entitled, such as the First Home Buyers Grant and Keystart Finance.

Here’s the good news! As a First Home Buyer, you may qualify for Keystart Finance, this means you will only need a 2% deposit. Plus, as a First Home Buyer you pay no stamp duty on homes up to $430,000 and you may also get government assistance of up to $2000 to help with expenses. Financing your First Home is an important first step so rest assured we will walk closely with you through this process, our goal is to assist you finding the best finance solution for your brand new First Home

Better Built Homes

Proactive construction techniques, setting industry standards, and going the extra mile locks in our ‘better built’ promise.

No Hidden Costs

Transparency is central to all our customers. We work closely with you to make your budget work for the home you want.

No Savings Home Loans

Need home finance? No savings? No worries! We have partnered with InReach Finance to provide no savings home loans.

Get Your Free Finance Health Check

Have you been wondering about how you can get into your own home financially? We’ve got your back!
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Low Deposit Loans

Let’s talk deposits! Been saving for years? Or have no money put aside? Wondering how much you need? When it comes to deposits, we’re all different. And our partner Resolve Finance understands this. Perfectly. So they make sure you have access to a huge range of loan products to help you get started and into your own home.

Resolve Finance

Build your dream first home with Escape The Rent, and our specialist partners at Resolve Finance are here to make your journey easy. They’re as keen as us to see you get into that new home!


First Home Owners’ Grant

The First Home Owners’ Grant is a great way to get into your first home. It is a once-off payment of $10,000 (accurate at the time of writing) that helps you get into your first home. For more information on the FHOG.

Low Deposit Home Loans

Through our partnership with our finance specialists you may have access to a low deposit home loan that can be used to build your new home. Your full financial situation will need to be reviewed prior to acceptance of any offer or product.

Guarantor loans

Another way to get into your own home is to use a guarantor loan. In this case, someone else will provide you with the collateral to borrow against for your first home (usually your parents). This helps you get into the market sooner. With a guarantor loan, you do not need a deposit and you save money by not paying lenders mortgage insurance. These are fantastic ways to help you with getting into your first home.


Escape The Rent can help you find the Finance solution in Perth.


Do you qualify? Find out now.

  • An InReach Finance Lending Manager can tell you in 10 minutes, over the phone, whether you will qualify for a Home Loan – along with the sort of budget you need to be aiming for so you can select a home and block of land.
  • If you want to spend time looking at available land, you need to remember that this is a very competitive market and you will need to act fast to secure your perfect block.
  • Your InReach Lending Manager can provide both. A loan pre-approval or Letter of Eligibility will make your offer more attractive to the agents and will give you a leg up in negotiations.


First Home Buyers

  • There are many advantages to building a new home for First Home Buyers. Our Finance Lending Managers can guide you through what, for many can feel like a confusing minefield.
  • You may be eligible for the one off Government First Home Owner Grant of $10,000. Your Finance Lending Manager can tell you straight away if you qualify.
  • Even if you’ve had difficulty saving for a deposit, Our Finance can investigate ways to help.


Save $19,000 on Stamp Duty

  • First Home Buyers receive $10,000 (FHOG)only available when you build a home
  • No Stamp Duty for First Home Buyers on land up to $300,000
  • Live in a property that you have personally designed from the ground up – don’t live in a home that someone else designed

Start With Us

Escape The Rent Finance

Construction finance is a specialised area so make sure you don’t just rely on ‘any’ finance broker. With Blueprint Homes’ exclusive division, InReach Finance, it’s never been easier to get home finance and into your new home.

Escape The Rent Finance specialises in construction home loans. Our Lending Managers have over 30 years experience in the Finance Industry, holding membership to the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) & Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA).

They have access to over 30 lending institutions across Australia, and together with our award winning customer service team, they can provide a finance solution to suit your specific needs – house, land and finance.

For first home buyers, the Escape The Rent team can guide you through all the necessary steps to secure any grants you’re entitled to and help you secure the house and land finance you need.

Choice of lenders

Escape The Rent Finance deal directly with over 20 of the leading lending institutions in Australia and are able to compare hundreds of different home loans so that you get the right loan to suit your needs. The choices are many and it is easy to get confused, but Escape The Rent Finance will demystify the process for you and come up with the perfect home finance solution.

What deposit do you need?  Our Finance know that for many people, saving for the initial deposit can be the biggest hurdle to overcome in the journey to home ownership.

But an Escape The Rent Finance Lending Manager can look at your situation and devise a house and land finance solution that suits you perfectly

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Escape The Rent Finance Information Centres

Our InReach Information Centres are your one-stop-shop for all things house and land finance.

We help you understand the house and land finance process, avoid confusing advice – and provide access to a wide variety of lenders without any bias. InReach Finance is your gateway to over 30 well known Australian financial institutions, including all the big banks.

Here’s what people are saying about the Escape The Rent

Excellent service

Our house is more than we could imagine, with great finishes. The service throughout was great. The whole process was easy. The online account, constantly kept us up to date with the timeline, etc. We are so happy with our new home. We would definitely recommend Escape The Rent.


Perfect what Escape The Rent has committed and thy has delivered

Am writing this review after completion of 2+ years of stay in my house, Throughout sales and construction period communication Process is good , after sales service is as expected level and not experienced any major issues,minor issues were fixed ASAP with out any delay, only two minor things i have noticed one is pre-start reschedule has taken bit longer a time and key handover process had a process gap i have followed up with them to collect the key, other than that over all process and quality of work is good


Great build!

I would definitely build again with Escape The Rent. After meeting with a number of builders we decided to go with Escape The Rent not only for the high quality of homes we had seen and the inclusions that were often additional costs with other companies, but because of the customer service and communication that we had received. The sales reps that we had spoken with seemed honest, weren't pushy, went above and beyond to help and instead of speaking badly about their competitors they let their own products and service to the talking. Karim met with us numerous times and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with our design and to help us find the right block. The whole process from design to build was managed beautifully, communication was frequent and easy. Any issues that arose were dealt with swiftly. I would highly recommend!


Home Loans The Easy Way 

A place where people speak a strange language and try to vie for your attention in a very competitive market. There are lenders, brokers, builders, estate agents, land agents/developers, mortgages, grants and a wide choice of house designs and blocks.

What you need is someone to guide you through all of this in an honest, transparent and independent way.

Your Escape The Rent Consultant and your InReach Finance Lending Manager work together, as a team, to make the whole process seamless and simple.

They can arrange finance, help you select from a classic range of home designs, help you select your land from a huge range of suburbs and make sure you get the most from your home buying budget.

If you’re looking to build a Blueprint home our team will make it happen.

Escape The Rent: 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Escape The Rent are Perth’s First Home Buyer Specialists, our sole aim is to help you the First Home Buyer into a House and Land package of your very own, one perfectly tailored to your budget and lifestyle.

The Escape The Rent has Steps to Build Your First Home” process, is a commitment to helping you, the First Home Buyer, secure your finance, choose your Land (location) and select your house design. It’s such an exciting time and it should be a wonderful experience for you, that’s why we are with you from start to finish!  

With Escape The Rent you’ll discover clarity instead of confusion and answers to all your questions. Your dream of opening the door to the home of your dreams will be a reality before you know it!

Make your First Home experience with Escape The Rent.

Our Dear Clients

Sam Martins

These 3 testimonials should focus on why past customers found that your course was absolutely the right decision. Remember, your visitors are looking for reasons not to buy after they see the price, so include some testimonials here that alleviate that anxiety.

Jenny Parker

Escape The Rent was amazing to work with – extremely professional, punctual and reliable in every way. He not only helped us find a house in the perfect community, but he had to be our eyes in picking out the house. Because houses were selling so quickly in Round Rock over the summer, we were unable to be in Round Rock to see the house before putting in an offer on it. While I know this was extremely stressful for Andrew, the house is exactly what we were looking for. He couldn’t have made the buying experience go more smoothly.

Patrick Jones

In short, our total home buying experience was about as stress-free as possible, especially considering how crazy the market is in Australia. You guys did a great job of setting expectations and answering the multitude of questions we had. You made us feel valued and that our business was important to you. You were not just trying to sell us something for a quick dollar but seemed genuinely interested in helping us find the perfect home for us. We would gladly recommend your team to any of our friends/family that asks about real estate services.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to build a House and Land package?

Our New Homes consultants can put together your dream land and house package in almost no time at all! All they need to do is to find the land and then find a home design that suits. Finding your land is the fun bit and is just as important as choosing your home design. Your New Homes Consultant will work with land developers to help you secure your ideal location at the best possible price. Once you have secured your block, and paired it with a home design, it’s time to start building. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

Can you help me get started?

Yes, absolutely! We will hold your hand every step of the way, from getting your finance sorted, to finding your dream suburb, to choosing the perfect home design for you. Simple. Plus, once we start building your home, we continue to keep you informed every step of the way and involve you in this exciting process as much as we can. After all, building a home is supposed to be fun.

What is the approximate cost?

We have house and land packages in Perth starting at $246,000*! All these packages have some pretty cool standard inclusions if you ask us. Some of these include gourmet kitchens with stainless steel appliances, quality floor coverings throughout, fixed site works, and a 25-year structural guarantee. There are so many more inclusions that we know you’ll love. Plus, if there is something extra that you want for your home, we can try to make it happen.

What’s included?

Each of our designs are unique, but they do have one thing in common: their quality of finish. Our standard inclusions aren’t that standard and we’re really proud of that. We include lots of things that other builders don’t. We use quality brands and building materials that are trusted and well-known because, you deserve the best. Check out our Quality brands and finishes here to see what’s included. All the homes we build also include a 25 year structural guarantee and a 12 month service warranty, so our relationship doesn’t end when the construction of your home does.

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