First Home Buyer Specialist In Perth WA

Taking your first step towards property ownership is exciting. However, it can also be daunting when you have so much to do, especially with little knowledge about the real estate market. This is where first home buyer specialists come into the picture. They are real estate professionals who help first home buyers in their home ownership journey. In this article, we will discuss first home buyer specialist in Perth WA.

First Home Buyer Specialist

First Home Buyer Specialist

What do first home buyer specialists do?

A first home buyer specialist will assist you in the process of buying your first home. This entails a number of things. Let’s understand what they are.


The first and arguably the most important step in the process of buying a house is financing. A first home buyer specialist generally has a finance team to extend their expert knowledge and advice to help you purchase your first home.

This involves various steps including:

1. Providing access to different types of home loans
2. Advising on the most suitable loan for you
3. Assisting with the loan application process
4. Helping you avail low deposit loans
5. Providing a finance health check
6. Addressing all your queries regarding your loan application and deposit
7. Assisting you with accessing all of the government grants and subsidies to which you may be entitled

Find a Property

Once you’ve secured the finance for your new home, the next step is to find a property or a block of land where you would build your future home. A first home buyer specialist helps you find and purchase the perfect home for you. This consists of several steps including:

1. Working with you to understand your lifestyle needs such as proximity to as schools, shops, parks and transport links
2. Finding the perfect neighbourhood to suit the needs of your family
3. Providing a detailed suburb profile to help you choose a location with respect to with future capital growth rates
4. Finding a block that is the right size and shape in your preferred neighbourhood. Good first home buyer specialists have a land locator team that works with leading land developers in Perth, thus offering you a variety of blocks.

Build a House

The next step is to build the house of your dreams. Your first home buyer specialist helps you with many aspects in this regard including:

1. Giving you a large number of home designs that should ideally be functional and aesthetic.
2. Analysing the block’s orientation to ensure it meets your requirements against your preferred home design, especially for essentials like making best use of natural light, passive heating and cooling.
3. Helping you understand the governing building codes to advise you on the type of block you can build on, and how it affects the size of the home that can be built on it.
4. Checking the land guidelines and working with the best builders to convert the home design into reality with high building standards.
5. Ensuring that your dream home is delivered within your budget.

House and land packages are a popular way for first home buyers to purchase a house. We, at Escape The Rent have helped a large number of our customers get their own homes across Perth. To get help from some of the best first home buyer specialists in Perth WA, contact us here.


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