Buying Completely Furnished First Home vs. Designing

While searching for a house, how to choose between a fully furnished first home vs. designing an unfurnished house? Escape the Rent looks at the advantages and disadvantages of both to help you make a detailed decision.
Now, there are many options available in the real estate market, ranging from a totally furnished house to an unfurnished unit. Hence, it has become tough to decide between the two. With the constant development in the real estate industry, fully furnished houses have become a trend in the past few years.
Builders are also redefining luxury with houses loaded with bathroom fittings, furniture, modular kitchens, upholstery, etc. Because of the convenience provided, these homes are always popular. So, what will you choose between a fully furnished house and an unfurnished home?

Furnished House vs. Unfurnished House

People with high incomes usually choose fully furnished homes. They look for furnished accommodations adjacent to their workspace. On the other hand, people with limited budgets generally buy unfurnished homes and design on their own. They like to move to those houses with their own furniture.
Lets’ consider both advantages and disadvantages related to a completely furnished house and an unfurnished one to make the ultimate decision!

Fully Furnished Houses

A fully furnished house has all you need for an ideal living. Although it’s attractive, you should consider both pros and cons of it.


· Convenience – Buying a fully furnished first home gets you everything in the right place.
· Hassle-free Shifting – Moving to a completely furnished house is easy. You don’t require packing or unpacking all furniture.
· No Additional Shopping – A furnished properly saves you from lots of shopping that you need to spend on designing the household.


· Limited Freedom of Designing – You hardly can customize a fully furnished house as everything is already in the right place.
· Limited Options – Furnished homes offer limited options in terms of location, design, and furniture.
· Costlier – A fully furnished home is costlier as it already has all you need for a great living.

Unfurnished Houses

Although an unfurnished house has no furnishing, you can design and customize it as per your style. Let’s preview its pros and cons!


· Cost-effectiveness – An unfurnished home is more cost-effective than a furnished one. You can design the house with all the old furniture.
· Freedom to Design and Decorate – You have complete liberty to design and decorate an unfurnished house precisely the way you need.


· Moving is Time-Taking – Shifting your old furniture needs lots of planning and you must be more alert with the breakables. Moreover, it takes lots of time.
· Shifting is Expensive – Shifting to an unfurnished house and decorating it may cost you more.


After comparing a completely furnished first home vs. designing, we will recommend you choose a furnished one for more convenience and facilities. However, you may choose an unfurnished one if you have a tight budget. For first-time home buying, connect with Escape the Rent!


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