How to Choose Unique Affordable Home Designs In Perth WA

A home design is a comprehensive design plan that combines the elements of architectural design and interior design for a home. It presents a complete picture of a future house that would be built on a particular piece of land. A home design typically includes floor plans, structural details, interior inclusions, pictures and everything that you need to know about your future house.

When one decides to build their own house instead of buying an apartment or a pre-constructed house, home designs become an important factor in the process. Home designs offer the buyer a way to decide how they want their future house to be. They can choose from a number of home designs provided to them by their builder. In this article, we will discuss tips on how to choose unique affordable home designs In Perth WA.

Consider your block

The first step is to know your lot’s dimensions. The knowledge of your block’s measurements and allowable building area enables you to easily sort through potential home designs. For example, a long, rectangular lot with a small width will go well with narrow home designs. The ideal design should maximize flow and allow ample sunlight while also maintaining a sleek shape. This will allow you to have a vision of how your home will sit on the block and make sure that your home design fits.

Family and lifestyle needs

At times, people get swayed away by beautiful home designs and forget about what they really need in their home. It is important that you imagine your family living in the house and choose a house design that suits your family’s lifestyle needs. For example, if you love entertaining people, you might want a large open plan living room and an outdoor seating area.

Important features

Your family should sit together and plan about your future house by making a list of important features that you ended in your new home. Do you need an office space? Do you need an open plan kitchen so you can cook and talk to your family? Would you like a single story house or a double story one? One way to ascertain what you like is to visit display homes and note the features that stand out to you. After you’ve determined what you want and what you don’t, give this list to your builder and ask them for house designs that match those requirements. 


One aspect of home designs that many tend to miss is the functionality your home provides. You must ensure that your home design has provisions to allow ample natural light in the house and no room is left dark during daytime. The flow and design of the house should be such that it provides privacy to the residents while also allowing airflow and ventilation in the house. Check whether your home design is suitable for the furniture you want to keep. If one side of your block has a good view, ensure that the home design has living spaces towards the view.

The last factor is to keep your budget in mind and the building costs before committing to a home design. If you work with a good company that helps customers curate unique affordable home designs In Perth WA, you can get the home you want in a cost-effective manner. To explore securing low deposit loans for first home buyers, contact us here.


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